American Flag flying upside down as signal of DISTRESS

Cornet Joyce II


Rather than send out a dozen or more articles from the press delineating the infiltration of the United States, and the plans for the take over of governments worldwide, I thought it best to post the articles here for all to study.

Before we go to the citations, I must make a point. We have had a spate of mass murders in this nation as of April, 2009. At least one of the episodes was done by 3 men with obvious Islamic names. The media did all they could not to mention the connection.

It is my contention that we are going to have mass suicide bombings shootings one after another. They will be done by American and illegal alien Islamic Suicide Bombers Gunners. I see that because it is the natural method for turning our "mother culture" against firearms for once and for all.

As you are aware, the attack on 9/11 brought the most insane, draconian, paranoid activites down on travelers ever seen in history. For what? Exploding shoes? No! For ongoing Hegelian fear mongering.

It is my assertion that 1) Muslim extremists will turn to suicide shootings in the US; 2) The American media, being part and parcel owned by the CFR, will do everything in its power to ignore the Muslim Extremist Connection.

Now, to the articles:

Note that the articles give clues, particularly the one on the "Brotherhood" in the United States, where the Muslim enclaves are located. Be assured that Muslims do NOT have to look like Arabian folk. They can include blacks from Africa, folk from the Philippines, and folk from southeast Asia. Like the button that brought you here, they are quite capable, like Manchurian Candidates, of morphing from the nice guy to the killer. Our government was justifiably worried about Cat Stevens, too - a caucasian.

Remember, most of all - these folks lack self control. Theirs is a psyche where not only do they lack self control, but they blame all others for their condition. Please refer to my essay "ISLAM and US" as in you, I, and the U.S.:

The Evil-ution of Islamic Terrorism

A Study Guide

  • Muslim terrorism these last 80 years can be traced back to the Nazis in Germany:

    "The Nazi Connection To Islamic Terrorism"
    Likewise, their behavior towards infidels - totally asocial.

  • "A rare look at secretive Brotherhood in America Muslims divided on Brotherhood"

    This particular article deliniates 53 different "cells." The article also talks about the creation of states within states with the goal of taking over governments.,1,3910166.story?coll=chi-news-hed

  • Meanwhile, more and more Islamic Clerics are calling for Jihad - and you can be sure that is being repeated in mosques right here in our nation:

    "Rising call by clerics for jihad Question is not whether but how to defeat U.S. aims"

  • Europe is already heavily laden with Moslems and they plan on the outright takeover of the continent by the end of this century. Meanwhile, there are goals of creating an "Islamic States of America:"

    "The Islamic States of America?"
    The author of this article says it was triggered by the sobering article I placed at the top of this list about the "Brotherhood" that exists in our nation at this time.

  • There are MANY more articles on the numbers of Muslims in Europe and Britain. Just watch your e-news and you will see the pattern.

  • If you do NOT believe this is serious, you are burying your head in the sand. When the New York Times makes note that a cleric in Virginia was indicted for plotting Holy War, then there must be a problem:

    "Islamic Scholar From Virginia Is Charged in Holy War Plot"

  • Rick Blume has brought to my attention another article that makes the point that our liberals in this nation are making it possible for the terrorists to do their work by attacking our protection systems in the courts:
    "Unholy Alliance: How the [American] Left Supports the Terrorists at Home"
Most Sincerely, and sorrowfully,
C. Joyce II

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