American Flag flying upside down as signal of DISTRESS

Imagine having to outrun this fellow, or, better yet, him doing evasive maneuvers in a close quarters combat situation, or, for that matter, him racing up a hillside


There is so much controversy and so much material on Soy, it is impossible to list it all. We chose to take quotations of note and link them to their sources.

Estrogen (Just what men need - it produces FAT, amongst other things):
An 8-ounce glass of soy milk contains approximately 20 mg of isoflavones, the phytoestrogen found in soy. One study showed that a dose of 30 mg of isoflavones per day affected thyroid function in Japanese women. Another study showed that American women, who consumed 45 mg per day, demonstrated hormonal disturbances after one month.
Birth Control: (Just what men and women need, more fat):
Alzheimer's disease - just what we need to defend our 2nd Amendment Rights: Americans consume TOFU, unfermented soy.
The soybean did not serve as a food until the discovery of fermentation techniques, some time during the Chou Dynasty. The first soy foods were fermented products like tempeh, natto, miso and soy sauce.
This is an extremely controversial subject. You will find pros and cons, but you have to realize that the soy industry, like the oil cartels, has an agenda. Take it from someone who has suffered the indignities of hyperthyroidism and found it came from too much soy and too much aspartame. I'd rather err on the side of good health. I will NOT let go of the FACT that soy was once a banned food in all of Asia.

As you wander the streets of America tomorrow, or the beaches, just look at all the boys who not only are overweight, but have "Man-Boobs. Ask yourself just how they got the estrogen to grow them. It cannot be blamed on overindulgence in marijuana. It would be fair to assert that the bowl that is being overindulged is the breakfast bowl.

Another byproduct of the overuse of estroils in men is ANXIETY attacks because of Adrenalin rushes. Do you suppose those would be helpful during confrontations over gun control?